With a pale golden hue our Weizen a German wheat ale has a rich, malty complexity. Fruit forward with a  subtle tartness, this has a clean and crisp mouthfeel. This all-natural formula is brewed in Germany and follows the strict standard of the Reinheitsebot, “Purity Law”. With notes of clove and subtle coriander, you’ll find flavors of citrus and sweet malt, with a slighty spicy finish for a zesty mouthfeel.

RuhrGold Weizen Features



Style: German wheat beer with low hops, smooth yet bubbly with slightly sweet & fruity flavors

Flavor: Notes of banana & clove, with a balance of citrus & sweet malt notes with a slightly hoppy finish

Aroma: Citrus & cloves with subtle coriander notes

Color: Golden-Bronze with a hazy glow

Mouthfeel: Quenching & zesty

IBU: 8

Glassware: RuhrGold Weizen Glass

Food Pairings

Cheese: With fruit and clove-like flavors Weizen pairs with creamy & buttery cheeses like Edam, herbed goat cheese, or most soft cheese

Meats: Lighlty spicy dishes, also cured meats, sausages, hames, veal, especially shrimp, lobster, & crab


Our Story


The RuhrGold Brewery produces the finest Premium German beer. We have been penetrating the market in the Netherlands since 2015, however the recipe for our beers have been around for quite some time. Our unique name RuhrGold is a derative from the river De Ruhr located in Sauerland, Germany this highly clean and natural water is just one of the many exclusive and naturally select ingredients found in our brew. Along the Ruhr River you have robust Spruce trees giving the hops a specific woodsy flavor and RuhrGold offers authentic quality ingredients and a focus on our own unique distinct hops, giving our beer a zesty bold character.


German beer has been brewed in accordance with the Purity Law for more than 500 years dating back to the Holy Roman Empire. The Purity Law requires that nothing other than barley, hops, yeast, and water be used to produce beer. Taking on its own art form, this specification has held Germany as the undisputed beer nation. With this regulation in place German beer is held n high regard for the pure an natural ingredients, zero additives, fresh shorter life span, and undeniable rich flavor.

Our Signature Lager known also as our Pilsner in Europe, is the first of our Collection and the origination comes from the city of Pilsen: Czech. Produced back in 1842, by German brewer Josef Groll; this specific beer was the world’s first blonde lager. Josef Groll used new techniques (bottom fermentation), bright malts, soft water, and local Bravarian noble hops. This unique combination produced a more clear and golden beer and was forever known as a sensation. The notes are crisp, clean, pale, and have a balanced malt and hop character. With an ABV of 5, Pilsners are seductively complex, refreashing, and so easy to drink. This beer style would go on to conquer the world, forever changing the way drinkers view beer.

RuhrGold executes these practices to their entirety. We desire to have the best beer, wth the most fresh and natural ingredients, blended with practices that have been done to revoluntize the beer world. This is what makes our German beer stand out amongst the rest, with our special allocation and distinct flavors, RuhrGold has beer to look out for and that beer enthusiasts will truly appreciate.

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