Our Beers

RuhrGold stands for purity. All natural and perfectly balanced. You can taste the difference with our Signature Pilsner, Weizen, and Radler. These beers are full of flavor, each having a distinctive taste for every moment!

RuhrGold Radler

Thirst-quenching and fresh, this easy drinking Radler is fused with lemon conveying a subtle sweetness while remaining smooth.

RuhrGold Signature Pilsner

A powerful and dense Signature Pilsner sends foral aromas and a crisp, clean finish to the palette, always remaining classic and timeless.

RuhrGold Weizen

With a golden bronze hue our Weizen a German wheat ale has a rich, malty complexity. Citrus forward with a subtle tartness, this has a bright and crisp mouthful.

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