De beste evenementen… natuurlijk RuhrGold


RuhrGold, naturally is involved with the best festivals, most stunning events, and collaborates with the greatest parties!

Whether it is a massive music festival in the heart of Amsterdam or a garlic mussel tasting in the center of Middleburg, RuhrGold is there. An adventurous saling competition in Joure, or a sustainable surf competition with camping and music in Bloemendaal. Even the opening of a fine arts gallery in Tilburg. RuhrGold is constantly evolving and adapting to be apart of each event in the most cohesive and effective way.

With a one day or week-long camping festival, one hundred to a hundred thousand friends, local or international, together we make each event a massive success. It does not matter if it is art, science, culture, music, or sports related. Naturally, RuhGold, will be there!

Growing Naturally with RuhrGold

RuhrGold aims to become one of the largest partners in numerous events throughout the country in the next few years. Similar to the process of making beer, we can not have one process without the other. The steps of perfecting that beer takes time, with the help of a team it grows and develops into a tasty matured beverage. We can use your help in our process. Can you visualize your own event in the drawing stages, or you are towards the final steps of launching? RuhrGold wants to be apart of this magic in helping your event be as successful as humaly possible.

Do you believe in clear agreements? A person’s word is bond? A short direct and clear path to a end goal? Are you a passionate entrepreneur? Yes!? We want you! Together we can achieve success, together we push to new boundaries. Together we can create a cohesive, innovative, and efficient event that will be sure to impress those around you.

Naturally, RuhrGold is Synergy.

Zomercarnaval Rotterdam

If you want your event to be succesful and memorable, don’t hesitate to call or email RuhrGold, so we can get the beer flowing!

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Why RuhrGold?

Naturally, RuhrGold is a thirst quenching beer. With the refreshing lemon forward Radler, smooth and aromatic Signature Pilsner, and subtly tangy and crsip Weizen, you simply can not go wrong with any selection. Every aspect of our beer is naturally pure and freshly brewed. This is an accordance with the strict Reinheitsgebot of Germany, called the “German Beer Purity Law” in English, is a series of regulations limiting the ingredients in beer.

In addition to our succulent beers, our team is incredibly driven to gain success across all platforms, while being outgoing and having fun. We love to brainstorm and create innovative ideas towards new and existing projects. We have various ways to aid clients in the forms of sponsoring and we will provide materials to help with a client’s event needs.

One of our motto’s we live by, “Where everyone goes right, we go left”. So can you ask yourself do you want to take the path less followed, and push limits and boundaries with RuhrGold?!


Drink with a clear conscious. Naturally pure, RuhrGold!

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      In addition to sponsoring, RuhrGold has a wide range of resources to make sure your event is a success. We would love to tell you what we can provide, in accordance to what your event will require.

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