The best events ... of course RuhrGold

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The nicest festivals, the nicest events and the tastiest parties ... of course RuhrGold!

A cozy mussel tasting in the center of Middelburg or a gigantic music festival in the heart of Amsterdam. A fun sailing competition in Joure or a fantastic schlager festival in Enschede. An international social congress in Leiden or the opening of a gallery in Tilburg.

One-day event or a festival of weeks. One hundred or one hundred thousand visitors. Local or international. Together we make it a successful event. Sport, art, science, culture or music ... of course RuhrGold

We want to grow, you too?

We do not hide it, RuhrGold wants to become the largest event partner in the coming years. But you do not grow alone, you grow together and that is why we need you too! Your event, now on the drawing board, just launched or already a household name in the Netherlands, we like to think and participate with you because we grow together.

Like you, do you believe in short lines. Clear and clear agreements. A man a man a word a word. Are you, like us, an inspired entrepreneur? Then we are searching for you! Together we go for success, together with you we go for unprecedented successes. Together we work on success, together with you we work on unprecedented successes.

Summer Carnival Rotterdam

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Why actually RuhrGold?

First of all, because RuhrGold is a terribly tasty beer, has a revolutionary Radler and is brewing an insane Weizen. Everything we make is pure nature and brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the oldest commodity law in the world.

In addition, we are a very nice and fun team, driven to achieve unprecedented success with you. We think along, we participate and we are along. We have interesting budgets available in the form of sponsorship, we have an enormous amount of materials to support your event and if we don't have it ourselves we will know someone.

And yes, one of our winged statements is "where everyone goes right, we go left". Will you go left with us and challenge us to go to the extreme?


That's why we chose RuhrGold ...

Resources from RuhrGold for a successful festival or event

In addition to financial support in the form of sponsorship, RuhrGold has a large range of supporting resources to make your event a success. This includes mobile bars, buffets and beer trees, plastic cups or glasses, but also an 20.000 liter tank, sea containers for storage, refrigerated containers and fitted kitchen units.

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Experience RuhrGold at these events and festivals

Do you want to serve a really nice beer at your festival or event? With the right attention to real service, support and quality?

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